Floors and Walls Nicest

This trendy blog is the creation of Kate Arends, a St. Paul-based marketing consultant and design expert. She’s worked with major brands such as Target, 3M and Fossil. Her blog has been around for eight years and has more than 3 million followers who love her ability to showcase home design and decor that comes from a variety of places. Arends’ blog also provides information for readers with different budgets.

Writer and stylist Holly Becker began the Decor8 blog as a way to share decorating ideas and trends to inspire her followers’ home design. New content is posted daily. Posts tackle topics such as how to incorporate the latest “it” color and design tips that can be gleaned from looking into someone’s home and viewing the bits and pieces that make it unique. You’ll love her ideas as well as her calm and accessible approach to all things lifestyle.

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